Experience the 
Full Potential of
Your Marriage & Family! 

Inside this private group I will teach you The Communication Cure®

Process that I created and use with every couple and family I work with.

- M.B. La

"Keith did, what I thought to be impossible. Our marriage was all but over when we met with him. He was patient, kind, and very caring. The exercises he coached my husband and I through helped us to see each other in a whole new light.
He did amazing things with us! Our marriage is stronger and healthier than it has ever been. We celebrated our 26th anniversary in June.
If it had not been for our time with Keith, that would not be the case! God has given him a gift! Because of that gift, our marriage was not only saved, it has grown and flourished! "

Keith Dorscht

Coach & Counselor

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The Communication Cure® 

Before any couple or family I am working with experiences their breakthrough, change or improvement, I have lead them through
The Communication Cure® process. EVERY TIME.

It is easy, simple and the most effective tool I use. It works because it serves the need of EVERY human being, to be connected in meaningful relationships with other human beings.

Stop Making This Mistake!

EVERYONE makes this mistake and when you do it creates more frustration, hurt, and hopelessness in your marriage & family. Learn what you need to do instead!

3 Easy Brain Hacks  

Your brain plays the most important role in successful communication. Not your mouth. Not your ears. Learn EASY hacks to fully engage your brain.

Meaningful Talk Made Easy.

When you, your teen, your child, and your spouse FEEL listened to and understood, loving responses flow and healthy life-giving bonds are created.

About Coach Keith

When it comes to your marriage and your family you want the support of someone who cares, who understands, who wants to serve you and,
who has broad experience and recognized expertise.

Over the past 25 years Keith Dorscht has lead 500+ Marriage Intensives, coached 30,000 additional stand alone hours and presented internationally. Keith is the creator of The Communication Cure® process and resource.

Married 26 years, Keith and his wife live in Colorado with their 6 children.

You can experience a great marriage while being a great parent!
STOP Sacrificing one for the other.

If you are feeling dissatisfied, disconnected, or alone in your marriage and at the same time know you are not being the parent you want to be, or that your kids need you to be, the solution is here.

I truly believe that in both your marriage and your parenting you are doing the best you can.
But, if you want to experience better, and do better, you need to reach your next level of potential.

Plain and simple, you need to grow your capacity (to handle more). 

>>> Right now, it's like you are trying to download an HD movie on a dial-up connection!
It is too much. It is stress. It makes life and every relationship hard. <<<

If this describes you, your marriage and your parenting, here are
two steps you can take right now to work with me and 
reach your next level of potential:

"Several members of our family had been desperate with our family situation for a long time, and we really did not know what to do short of involving police, courts, and social services.
Keith's involvement was a godsend for us, and that is no exaggeration. His skill was evident in his ability to ask the right questions at the right time and help keep emotional conversations productive and healthy. His involvement helped convert our despair into hope. Without reservation I'd recommend Keith as a support system. Your family is worth every effort you can make for them."
- J.P. WI

"Keith helped save our marriage. We were keeping secrets, not spending time together as a family and working all the time. We were both hurt, frustrated and felt trapped. Keith listened calmly, never judged and always made us feel comfortable and safe. He knew how to ask the right question, at the right time and listen through the emotions to find the core of our issues. He coached us in developing real communication strategies that have stuck for the past 15 years! It wasn’t easy but Keith coached us through every step of the way. I highly recommend Keith."
- R.F. ONT

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