Walking with Couples Through Adversity.
Expert Guidance for a Satisfying and
Enjoyable Relationship.

- M.B. La

"Keith did, what I thought to be impossible. Our marriage was all but over when we met with him. He was patient, kind, and very caring. The conversations and exercises he coached my husband and I through helped us to see each other in a whole new light.
He did amazing things with us! Our marriage is stronger and healthier than it has ever been. We celebrated our 26th anniversary in June.
If it had not been for our time with Keith, that would not be the case! God has given him a gift! Because of that gift, our marriage was not only saved, it has grown and flourished! "

Keith Dorscht

Relationship Coach

I understand where you are right now.

You've gathered a wealth of knowledge: consumed books, blogs and podcasts, completed courses, and perhaps even sought therapy, all in the pursuit of a happier, healthier relationship.
Yet, despite these efforts, you find yourselves still struggling with everyday friction or perhaps facing crises that have turned your world upside down.
It's not just about knowing what 'good relationship behavior' looks like; it's about possessing the ability to live it out in your daily life, through both the minor challenges and the most daunting obstacles. 

This is where I come in.

Over my 30 years as a relationship psychotherapist and coach, I've met countless couples like you, equipped with theories but unable to translate them into effective action, that would make things better.
I have sat across from a spectrum of relationship challenges, from the 'everyday' to extraordinary crises, and I know exactly how to bridge these varied experiences. My approach is different. It's not about more information; it's about building up your ability to put all the lists, 'How-to's', and 'secrets' into practice.
Together, we will move from static theories to natural heartfelt action, from frustration to satisfaction, turning what you know about relationships into an enjoyable and lasting reality, no matter the scale of your challenges.

Welcome to a New Chapter in your Relationship!

I'm excited to offer you personalized paths to suit your unique needs. Whether you're seeking relational growth, innovative DIY tools, or comprehensive support in times of crisis,
there's a tailored solution just for you.

No matter where you find yourselves in your relationship, choose the option(s) that resonates with your needs and embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier, satisfying, enjoyable partnership.
Start exploring your path to relationship success today.

say 'good-bye' to distance & growing apart!
experience unbreakable connection & Communication. 

The Communication Cure® is an innovative relationship enhancement resource that combines interactive media, guided conversations, and multi-sensory experiences grounded in neuroscience, to deepen couple connections. Users engage with curated content and participate in structured discussions designed to break negative communication patterns and foster understanding and empathy. The resource offers an affordable personalized, DIY approach that enables couples to experience therapeutic benefits similar to formal counseling, making relationship improvement both accessible and comprehensive.

Overcoming Havoc:
Find Clarity, Growth, and Hope in Your Crisis.

Avoid costly mistakes when havoc hits in your relationship! Whether it's an affair's aftermath, constant fighting, a separation, substance abuse issues... 'From Havoc To Hope' is here to guide you through. This 30-Day Crisis Response Program is for couples needing to see immediate yet grounded progress. 
With Coach Keith you'll receive direct coaching and personalized strategies tailored to your unique situation. Engage in thought-provoking videos and experiential homework designed to address the roots of your crisis. Together, we'll uncover tools and direction, transforming confusion and disorder into understanding and structure. Embark on a journey away from turmoil, where each step leads you closer to a hopeful future. Rebuild, rediscover, and reignite the promise of a brighter tomorrow for your relationship.

Down To Earth Relatable Coaching.

With 30 years of experience and over 30,000 hours of direct work with couples and families, I bring unparalleled expertise to every couple's journey. Specializing in navigating through the toughest situations, my unique processes begin improving relationships immediately. In my approach to couples' coaching, I provide invaluable insights into underlying patterns and problems, often missed in individual sessions. It is a true game-changer when couples are participating together!

I create a safe space where even the most challenging topics are discussed with care and love, transforming potential conflicts into conversations of understanding and closeness. My expertise has been developed and established during my involvement leading 500+ marriage intensives, steering couples towards lasting change.

Embracing the effectiveness of Zoom, I have been offering convenient, impactful online sessions for 15 years, proving to be as, or even more effective than in-person coaching. Discover the transformative power of my sessions, where every interaction is a step towards a healthier, more loving relationship.

"Several members of our family had been desperate with our family situation for a long time, and we really did not know what to do short of involving police, courts, and social services.
Keith's involvement was a godsend for us, and that is no exaggeration. His skill was evident in his ability to ask the right questions at the right time and help keep emotional conversations productive and healthy. His involvement helped convert our despair into hope. Without reservation I'd recommend Keith as a support system. Your family is worth every effort you can make for them."
- J.P. WI

"Keith helped save our marriage. We were keeping secrets, not spending time together as a family and working all the time. We were both hurt, frustrated and felt trapped. Keith listened calmly, never judged and always made us feel comfortable and safe. He knew how to ask the right question, at the right time and listen through the emotions to find the core of our issues. He coached us in developing real communication strategies that have stuck for the past 15 years! It wasn’t easy but Keith coached us through every step of the way. I highly recommend Keith."
- R.F. ONT