"Joyfully celebrated our 40th"

Keith's approach was SO helpful! He was gentle, humorous, but was profoundly insightful. He listened carefully, and then guided us in new directions. Thanks to his coaching, this summer we joyfully celebrated our 40th anniversary. I cannot recommend Keith highly enough!


"Keith has helped coach me to set healthy boundaries"

Keith has been a part of my life since I was 13 years old. I can genuinely say that I wouldn’t be who I am today without his influence! A rough childhood and unhealthy parental relationships, resulted in a young woman that needed a lot of help! Keith has helped coach me to set healthy boundaries for myself and my family in all relationships, to recognize emotional triggers and seek out healing for the source of the issue, to be a person that fosters a healthy environment for myself, my husband, and my children! Keith has been a constant in my life, and for that I’m truly grateful! I would HIGHLY recommend him for anyone seeking to better their quality of life! 


"16 years later..."

If I were to name the ten most influential people in my life, Keith would be in the top five! He is compassionate, wise, and exudes excitement for and commitment to helping people develop positive, long-lasting relationships. My husband and I first met Keith in premarital counseling and the principles he shared with us that week helped us navigate the crazy first few years of marriage. And that was just the beginning! We called Keith when the honeymoon phase wore off and disillusionment set in; when my husband experienced a life-changing accident; when we lost our first babies to miscarriage and when we finally became parents. Keith pointed us to gratitude, joy, and the art of listening to each other's hearts. Today, sixteen years later, we are very best friend, lovers, and business partners. 


"A solid foundation for our children"

I have known Keith for four years, in that time he has helped me to become not only a better husband and father but a better person overall.
I was a very closed-off person emotionally and would process everything internally. Keith has helped and coached me to open up much more to my wife and strengthen our marriage and become a solid foundation for our children. I would highly recommend Keith to anyone that’s unsure/hesitant for help as I was he has changed my life for the better!


"Exceeded expectations"

My experience with Keith was extremely positive and beneficial. He has a wide range of knowledge and tools, and employs them expertly for his clients in the pursuit of a better understanding of self and others, and in developing the communication skills necessary for relationships to thrive. Keith is very kind, humble, and gentle in his approach. I found him to be insightful in a way that exceeded my expectations.
He is skilled at leading an effective conversation and facilitating a connection on difficult and sensitive subjects. My husband and I were GREATLY blessed by his coaching, and it is clear that he does what he does out of a love for people.