Enrollment Opens February 2023
The Couples with Kids Community

Community based coaching that will equip you to experience your full potential as a couple and as parents.

Couples with Kids
Community is for you if:

  • You know your marriage could be better and desire help from someone who has proven experience.
  • You want your kids to 'turn out' well, or experience something different than what you did growing up.
  • You often feel overwhelmed or frustrated trying to keep your marriage strong WHILE providing what your kids need from you. #HaveHope - You can do both well!
  • Counseling hasn't helped much, or isn't an option.
  • Money is tight and you can't afford $50, $100 or $150/hr.

Can't wait for the Couples with Kids Community to open? 
Do this now!

In the 'Couples with kids' facebook™ group you will find the community, strategies, information and help you need to live your full potential as a couple with kids!


Often you can't say exactly what you want, or know quite what you need. Keith will help you create an enjoyable, mutually satisfying marriage while increasing your capacity to love and parent your kids well??


Let's face it, it's likely going to take more than a few therapy sessions to develop the connection, relationship skills, maturity, and healthy patterns in your marriage, and then instill them in your kids to serve them through the course of life. 


Keith believes counseling/therapy is a faulty model in many ways and as a result, most couples are left disappointed in the results, hopeless about what else to do and less money to show for it all. Keith has asked, 'What is the best format for helping families?' This is it!!


We just established that reaching your potential as a couple with kids is going to take time. That's okay. This program is priced so you can participate FOR LIFE at the price you'd pay for a handful of therapy sessions.

More Effective Than Therapy  Here's Why:

Over the course of 25 years as a counselor/coach Keith Dorscht has developed and structured a program that creates the lasting change you are looking for in your marriage and your parenting.


Keith will meet three times a month with the entire community of Couples with Kids. There will be brief teaching, live coaching of a couple, a Keith lead Communication Cure™ time as a couple, special guests/experts, discussion, and Q&A. It is not therapy but deep application that will move you to your next level of potential.


The truth is that you are not alone, or the only parents with 'that kid'. Our community of Couples with Kids will remove the feelings of being alone or unique in your situation. This frees up energy to tackle the challenges in  your marriage and parenting. As we develop and build our families together we will experience multiplied encouragement and support from one another.


Though a need of every person, connection with another is difficult to create on your own. In each community gathering Keith will guide you through The Communication Cure™ process so you can easily connect as a couple and discuss the weeks topic as it specifically applies to your marriage and your family.


Consistent effort applied to your growth will lead to new levels of potential. The opportunity is going to be there 3X's a month for you and your spouse to receive coaching, connect as a couple and grow in community. Change in key areas like maturity can take 3 years, it can take months to create new strong neural pathways.
Join our journey of Couples with Kids today!

People listen when Keith speaks.

Apparently :) 

Jason W.


"I don't know how he does it, but Keith does it!
Humble, humorous and completely brilliant all at the same time.
I still refer to the many pages of notes I took!”

Bryan R.

Divorce Attorney

"The results reaped from listening to Keith last for a lifetime. For anyone or any group looking to go beyond fluff and find transformational substance of incomparable worth . 
I enthusiastically and repeatedly recommend Keith.”

Graham J.


"Keith’s intelligent approach, combined with a thoughtful and humble presentation style allowed our audience to be engaged and challenged while being at ease."

This is NOT a book or video course.  
For GOOD reason!

Information did NOT cause the problems and challenges you face. So, more information or what others claim as 'the right' information will NOT change or fix the problems. READ THAT AGAIN. It's true!!!

You've come across, maybe even searched for:
    -  How to improve communication...
    -  Top 5 Ways to build intimacy...
    -  Parenting mistakes to avoid
    -  Tips for raising a responsible child

And, where are you at with those?
Reading information like this makes you feel like you are doing something about your situation but  in reality you rarely find yourself putting them in practice for more than a few days... at best.

The issue is a lack of personal capacity to live out the information we already possess. Regardless of how good or right the steps, tips and how to's may be... they can't be lived out!

I can help you increase your capacity and reach new levels of potential. My unique approach will produce the results and changes you want to see in yourself, your marriage and your parenting.

Because more information will not help you at this point, let me share what does work to make your marriage a success and  your parenting more joy and satisfaction.

It will take time and consistent focus on your part to grow. So, we will meet as a community of 'Couples with Kids' live, online, 3 times a month. There will be coaching, a little teaching, interaction, special guests and a time of being lead through The Communication Cure™. This is when I will guide you and your spouse to connect deeply in conversation around that weeks topic and discuss what it means in your relationship and family.
**** This is the UNIQUE experiential part of the program that will create a brain based, heart-level connection. Connection increases capacity and care as you reach a new level of your potential.

This format will provide you with the experiences, support, encouragement and guidance to become the couple and parents you really want to be.

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