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The work required to maintain a healthy marriage AND be the parents your children need you to be all at the same time is overwhelming!

But, it doesn't have to be. You can do both and do them well IF you have the required skills and level of capacity.

Join my Facebook Group 'Couples with Kids' and I will offer you all the help and support you need to experience your full potential as a couple with kids. Warmly, Keith

Why the
Couples with Kids 
Facebook™ Group

  • To experience an enjoyable satisfying marriage that your kids respect and thrive in.
  • To gain a clear understanding of what you are doing as parents and work from the 'same page'.  
  • To acquire the relationship skills and maturity for yourself so, you can pass them on to your children through your example and shared experiences with them.  


To establish new relationship skills and patterns in your life you MUST be supported by a community of others who can relate to your journey and grow with you. 

Proven Strategies

Keith has helped a lot of couples and families in his 40,000 hrs. of coaching and counseling. He has identified strategies that work to create the positive changes clients are looking for. 

Facebook™ LIVES & Interviews

Learn from Keith and special guests on a variety of topics that will impact how you live out all your relationships. Easy to digest. Easy to apply. Watch your growth take off!

Answers to Your Questions

Keith welcomes your questions! You will find his answers will restore hope in your situation and provide you with very practical, doable, next good steps to act upon. 

'Words' About Group Leader Coach Keith

A Teen... Wife... Now Mom

"Keith has been a part of my life since I was 13 years old. I can genuinely say that I wouldn’t be who I am today without his influence! A rough childhood and unhealthy parental relationships, resulted in a young woman that needed a lot of help! Keith has helped coach me to set healthy boundaries for myself and my family, to recognize emotional triggers and seek out healing for the source of the issue, to be a person that fosters a healthy environment for myself, my husband, and my children! Keith has been a constant in my life, and for that I’m truly grateful! I would HIGHLY recommend him for anyone seeking to better their quality of life!" 

A Divorce Attorney

“I have had numerous couples approach me to handle their divorce litigation. As an attorney I always seek the best for my clients. At times, ‘the best’ for them has been to encourage them to give marriage counseling one more try. Keith Dorscht has been the counselor that I refer all such couples to. Keith reignites hope, refocuses them on what marriage is and leads them through a process that  rescues, restores and strengthens their marriage. I am confident in Keith’s skill and know that his experience and expertise is just what some of my clients need.”

A Husband

“My wife and I had Keith as a marriage counselor for several months. Having been through multiple counselors in the past, I did not really have high hopes. However, Keith turned out to be a phenomenal counselor. My wife and I eventually started referring to his office as the "magic room" because of the way Keith could get us to communicate with each other so effectively. Keith is the only counselor I ever looked forward to getting to see each week and I would highly recommend him to any person or couple in need of counseling or to develop better communication abilities”

About Coach Keith

When it comes to your marriage and your family you want the support of someone who cares, who understands, who wants to serve you and,
who has broad experience and recognized expertise.

Over the past 30 years Keith Dorscht has lead 500+ Marriage Intensives, coached 40,000 additional stand alone hours and presented internationally. Keith is the creator of The Communication Cure® process and resource.
Keith lives in Colorado and has 6 children from his 27 year marriage.